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Way to save water for class 2?

Way to save water for class 2 Water has become a burning issue today.So we all need to be aware.And everyone should be aware of the environment.In order to make everyone aware, the Department of Education is currently discussing water in schools for small boys and girls.Water has been discussed in detail from Class II these days.So that they can be aware of water from childhood.So that they can be aware of water from childhood.Also, their knowledge about water will increase a lot from childhood.And when they grow up, they will do something for the society's water. Something that will save water for the future.

We can conserve water by?

We can conserve water by

There are several ways to conserve water. Like storing water by digging ponds Also we can conserve water by damming the drains.

Small pipes can be used instead of big pipes in agricultural land. It will save water.

Can hold rainwater.Rainwater pond bill can also be retained on the roof of the house. We have to try.The bank of the river should be bound. It will not mess up the water.
Using a low flush toilet will save water.
And learn to reuse water.
The water tap cannot be kept on all the time.To be activated only when required.
In addition, very little water should be used for cleaning clothes and cleaning the house.


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