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Way to save water for class 2?

Way to save water for class 2 Water has become a burning issue today.So we all need to be aware.And everyone should be aware of the environment.In order to make everyone aware, the Department of Education is currently discussing water in schools for small boys and girls.Water has been discussed in detail from Class II these days.So that they can be aware of water from childhood.So that they can be aware of water from childhood.Also, their knowledge about water will increase a lot from childhood.And when they grow up, they will do something for the society's water. Something that will save water for the future.

What is the save water?

Save water 

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We all know that three-quarters of the earth is water and ground water plays an important role in our lives.Not only our life but every animal in the environment, animals, insects, etc. are all dependent on water, so another name for water is life.

We need to save water for our future so that the next generation will not have any shortage of water.That's why we have to use water according to our needs, water can't be wasted.And we all need to be aware of water and make everyone aware.We need to store water in different ways.Rainwater should be treated and stored on roofs and artificial water storage should be constructed to store rainwater and treat it for later use.
Besides, water should be stored in canals, rivers, etc.


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