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Way to save water for class 2?

Way to save water for class 2 Water has become a burning issue today.So we all need to be aware.And everyone should be aware of the environment.In order to make everyone aware, the Department of Education is currently discussing water in schools for small boys and girls.Water has been discussed in detail from Class II these days.So that they can be aware of water from childhood.So that they can be aware of water from childhood.Also, their knowledge about water will increase a lot from childhood.And when they grow up, they will do something for the society's water. Something that will save water for the future.

What is the Wastewater?


Water has become a pressing issue today. Earth is three parts water and one part land.So we all have to be aware of water. And everyone should be aware. This message must be delivered to the world. And to save water for future generations.Water should be used as needed. Water cannot be wasted. Another name for water is life.

What is the meaning of waste water but this water refers to the water used by big industrial industries which becomes waste water after use and the water we take after bathing and washing soap is waste water and And the water that remains after washing household dishes and clothes is waste water and the water used in the farm house for bathing animals is waste water. And in the toilet After doing this, the water that is stored in it is wasted. Etc. Etc. Hopefully, I hope I have been able to explain to you what waste water is.

To reuse the waste water we need to treat the water. But keeping in mind the value of ph.Water quality standards should be increased.And the water that will be treated, we can use water for agriculture and generate hydroelectricity where there is no water.The most important thing is that we can use the waste water to generate hydropower which is the biggest valuable point and plus point.We need to use wasted water to boost the global economy.
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