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We can conserve water by?

We can conserve water by There are several ways to conserve water. Like storing water by digging ponds Also we can conserve water by damming the drains. Small pipes can be used instead of big pipes in agricultural land. It will save water . Can hold rainwater.Rainwater pond bill can also be retained on the roof of the house. We have to try.The bank of the river should be bound. It will not mess up the water. Using a low flush toilet will save water. And learn to reuse water. The water tap cannot be kept on all the time.To be activated only when required. In addition, very little water should be used for cleaning clothes and cleaning the house.

What is Water monster?

Water monster 

It is a horror action movie released in 2019.One hour and 17 minutes movie.
The plot of this movie is that the boys kill the water monkey while fishing in the water. After ten years, a water monkey was born again.Water monkeys start killing people who go fishing.Once upon a time there was a boy with his girlfriend. Water falls in front of the monkey while fishing.The boy continues to fight the water monkey to protect his girlfriend and welcomes the villagers to unite to fight against the water monkey.


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