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India women Vs South Africa women Test?

India women Vs South Africa women Test Differences can be observed between women in India and women in South Africa. There is no similarity between them, the culture of India is the same and the culture of African women is the same. Women are fair and dark.But African women are very dark. There are exceptions. Sometimes fair women are also seen. Women in South Africa are very strong compared to women in India.Because the women there work a lot. South African women have curly hair. Indian generations of children have different facial designs.And South African women's faces and boys' faces are different.

Ways to save water for class 5?

Ways to save water for class 5

To make students aware of saving water, the text book also discusses water saving.
So that children can be aware of saving water from class V.
On rainy days, large tanks should be kept open to save rain water.And water can be saved in ponds, canals, bills, drains, etc.
The most important thing is that water can be reused only then water will be saved.
If there is a hole in the water pipe, it must be closed.
The water that remains after cleaning the car can be returned to the plants or gardens.Tap should be turned off while showering and bathing.Excess water should not be used while toileting and should be used as per requirement.And to save water at home to be reused at home.


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